12 Pets Who Fell Asleep In The Middle Of Something

Don’t lie to yourself — you’ve definitely almost or fully fallen asleep at your desk after a particularly big lunch, when you just feel so warm and full and sleepy and amazing. It’s an awesome feeling, and that’s probably why it happens to our pets so often.

Like, why would anyone finish eating when they can just nap mid-lunch and then wake up next to their food — happily refreshed — and then continue eating? These pets who fell asleep in the middle of something were representing a pretty wonderful life mantra: live in the moment, however sleepy it might be.

Because life is always a little brighter post nap. Here are nine pets who didn’t fight the urge to sleep just because they were eating or drinking or standing guard.

Because Anthropology Makes You Soo Sleepy

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Because Dog Bowls Can Double As Beds


Because It’s Such A Warm, Sunny Day

Because Watching Movies Are Exhausting


Because Standing Guard In The Middle Of The Day Makes Everything Heavy

Because Eating Is Really Exhausting

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And Because Flower Pots Double As Comfy Beds

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And Because Napping In Water Is Refreshing


Because I’m Just Going To Lie My Head Down Just For One Second

My co-worker's puppy fell asleep on her desk. Not much work was done that day.

What’s More Comfortable Than Sleeping On Top Of My Food?

All That Playing Made Me Really Tired

Apparently, Drinking Water Can Be Exhausting


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