9 Super Snuggly And Cute Pit Bull Pics

Pit bulls are an oft-stigmatized breed, but I think we can all agree that these pics prove, without a doubt, that they are stinkin’ adorable.

1. Cuddled up for the night.

Goodnight friends ❤️?❤️

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2. Sleepy time!

At one of the best #staffy #breeders in the U.S. ! ? look at this blue baby – sleeping the afternoon away ❤️ #sonshine #staffords

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3. Getting comfy.

"Mom, I'm really not mentally prepared to get out of bed yet." ?? #wilsonthebull #wilsonraffa

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4. Lil’ babies, ack!

??? #pit#pitbull#pitbulls#puppy#doggy#dog#lovedog#cuties#love#sleep

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5. Thbptbptbpt

This girl right here has taught me a lot in her days (from cleaning pee on the couch and her eating EVERY pillow in the house to being the biggest cuddle monster ever) but the number one thing she has taught me is, "F**k what the haters say!" When we first adopted this "little pibble bundle of joy" people would ask what breed she was…. I used to be hesitant and quiet when I would say "she's a pitbull mix" The first few months I was so scared of what people would say/think when I said PITBULL. I didn't know what to say to people when they would haggle me about her "bad breed". Once I joined the IG community(bc my dogs took over my account) I met so many amazing pitbull/animal lovers. People like @noelaniig helped me want to stand up for the breed, not be afraid to talk about it. I am now proud to say she's a pitty to people and tell them more about the breed if they don't already know. As I grow up with this brown dog I learn more and more! She never fails to make me smile! I am happy to have joined in on such an amazing group!! #noelaniigcontest

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6. Mmmmmmm, face.

One of my favorite #tongueouttuesday pictures! #bestfriends #throwback

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7. 100% snoogles.

8. Just a light and fluffy snack.

Got a new toy today, love my monkey!! ??

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9. America!