98 Year Old Couple Recreates Their Wedding Photo And It’s Beautiful

Wang Deyi and Cao Yuehua were married 70 years ago in a small town in the southwest part of China. So on their 70th wedding anniversary they went back to the magic spot to relieve the moment.

With the help of their four children, they were able to recreate that special day. The bride wore her original wedding dress and the groom even pinned the same type of flower on his suit.  How adorable is that?

The couple met in 1943 on the dance floor and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately, Cao had to leave her for a year to serve as an interpreter during WWII. But when he returned, he knew he needed to propose ASAP. He slipped a ruby engagement ring on her finger at the train station.

The couple’s youngest son, Cao Pangpei, told CNN, “They have been together for so long, going through the war, the political turmoil and diseases, and can still stay with each other and love each other. We want to help them to commemorate their love.”

Congratulations to the amazing couple. 70 years is no trivial feat and an inspiration to us all.