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A 22-Year-Old Turned Earphones Into Earrings So As To Never Lose Them Again—And It’s Pretty Brilliant

This best part is you can buy a pair!

After one naughty pet cat chewed through multiple pairs of headphone cords, 22-year-old Gabrielle Reilly decided to buy AirPods to eliminate the need for the cord. But that meant there was still the possibility of losing them. And that’s when Reilly came up with a genius idea. 

Instead of constantly worrying about whether the headphones had been misplaced, Reilly thought of a way to keep track of them all day long — by turning them into earrings. Pretty genius, huh?

Reilly posted a video to Twitter to show off the clever invention and, we’ve gotta say, this seems to work really well:

Earbuds like these would surely make your morning commute so much better!

People couldn’t help but take notice of these earrings, a.k.a the thing they never knew they needed in their lives, and they took to Twitter to voice just how much they loved this idea: Twitter user @itsnicholeladuh claimed that these earrings made the thought of purchasing AirPods all the more tempting:

And Twitter user @AirelleMonai couldn’t help but notice how futuristic these earrings truly were:

The earrings gave many people online a reason to stop and stare in admiration. Twitter user @itzprincessk couldn’t help but notice that Reilly was “on to something”:

Perhaps the best part is — the AirPods easily detach from the earrings so they can still be charged when needed. And that’s all thanks to the piece that Reilly custom-made for this purpose:


Talk about covering all your bases!

It took me maybe around an hour to make the earrings because I had to custom-make the piece that connects the AirPods to the earrings,” Reilly told BuzzFeed

Reilly obviously knew this was a pretty great idea, but as far as the viral fame — the video has been viewed over three million times — it certainly wasn’t expected.

“I have had tweets run high stats but nothing like this,” Reilly told BuzzFeed. “I appreciate all the support I’m getting for it.”

And since people seem to be so fascinated by the creative invention, Reilly decided to make them available to purchase online. They’re being marketed as “Airings” — again, genius — and they’re available for a limited time for $20. You can pre-order a pair now, but Reilly warns that these are “very limited” considering that hand-making and managing orders alone will be a challenge.

So the sooner you request a pair, the better!

Place an order and you’ll never lose your headphones again, and as a bonus, you’ll look super high-tech and stylish, too. Really, Airings are a win-win.