A cat gave birth under this man’s bed, but it wasn’t his cat

Paris Zarcilla / Twitter

Note: The tweets in this story contain language that may be offensive to some readers.

Getting a new pet is always an exciting and memorable experience — especially when you suddenly get five of them at once with no warning!

That’s what recently happened to Paris Zarcilla, a filmmaker who lives in England.

When Zarcilla was working from his home on May 30, he went upstairs to his bedroom to grab a sweater and he discovered something that warmed him even more than wool: a female cat and her four newborn kittens! The cat was not his—making the whole discovery even more stunning! (He tweeted that he leaves his back door open a lot and the mama may have wandered in!)

Thinking like a proper social media user, Zarcilla immediately took to the internet to reveal his shocking find, beginning a Twitter thread that’s destined to go down as a classic.

“Trying to adjust to the catsh** reality of going upstairs to grab a jumper but instead finding a cat and 4 kittens,” Zarcilla wrote. “Am I dad now?”

In the following hours, the self-styled new “#CatDad” poured out his innermost thoughts at the discovery of his new furry family members. In the 59 tweets (and counting) that followed his discovery of the newborn kittens and their mama, Zarcilla went through a wild array of emotions about new parenthood — and Twitter users were enthralled by every detail.

He realized that he’d become a devoted father when he canceled his plans, placed an order for cat food and put his work on hold.

Zarcilla also revealed the cats came at a time when he needed them, due to his battles with mental health issues. He later dubbed May 30 the best day of his life. In a tweet with more than 24,000 likes so far, he thanked the “Cat Gods” for their gift to him.

As the days passed, Zarcilla got over his initial shock and became more focused on making sure the mama and her kittens were properly taken care of, as well as figuring out whether she was anyone’s lost pet. That last part was begrudgingly carried out by the #CatDad, as he continued to fall deeper in love with his new friends.

He has so far refused to name all the kittens out of fear he’ll get too close to them (too late!). But he did give his followers their stats and compared each of them to a “Game of Thrones” character:

In his update on June 24, nearly a month after finding the cats, he declared his undying love for them and said he plans to take the mama to the vet to see if she’s microchipped.

Excuse me while I bite what’s left of my nails …

I fully recommend reading Zarcilla’s entire Twitter thread if you need a positivity boost. The videos and pictures he’s shared of them are worth your time alone!

Good luck to #CatDad and his furry friends! I — and the rest of the internet — can’t wait to see the next chapter.

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