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A classic Christmas movie is getting a sequel, and it feels a little like we got some extra holiday cheer in early 2022. Ralphie Parker will return in a sequel to “A Christmas Story,” and we can’t wait to see if he still has his official Red Ryder BB Gun!

“A Christmas Story Christmas” is being produced for streaming service HBO Max by the original movie’s star, Peter Billingsley, along with actor Vince Vaughn, and is scheduled to start production in Hungary sometime in February, according to Variety. Billingsley and Vaughn have worked together before in “The Break-Up” and “Four Christmases.”

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The original “A Christmas Story” premiered in 1983 but was set in the 1940s. It told the story of a 9-year-old Ralphie, whose only Christmas wish was to see a Red Ryder BB gun under the tree. After numerous adventures and multiple warnings from grownups that he would “shoot his eye out,” Ralphie’s Christmas wish came true.

The latest installment of the movie, according to Entertainment Weekly, will feature a grown-up Ralphie Parker who returns to the house on Cleveland Street in the 1970s for Christmas with his own children.

It’s not yet known which of Ralphie’s childhood friends will appear in the “A Christmas Story Christmas,” but perhaps Flick has had enough time plot some revenge after being “triple-dog dared” to stick his tongue to a utility pole in the middle of winter.

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The original movie did not become a major hit at the box office back in 1983 — it only earned $19 million. However, after “A Christmas Story” was released on video and shown on cable TV, it became a cult classic and now is an annual viewing tradition in millions of homes during the holiday season.

Billingsley (who also made an uncredited cameo in another holiday classic film he co-produced, “Elf,” as Ming-Ming the elf) moved behind the camera to be a director and producer as he matured. But he has never forgotten his connection to Ralphie — he earned a Tony nomination for producing the 2012 Broadway musical adaptation of “A Christmas Story.”

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