A Donut Ice Cream Cone May Be The Best Dessert Innovation Yet

Two of my favorite treats in life are a fresh donut and a bowl of creamy ice cream. When you combine these two amazing desserts together, magic happens.  The “donut cone” combines cinnamon sugar fried dough, ice cream and a dollop of chocolate.

Mashable reported that this delicious treat is an extension of a traditional Slovak pastry called a Trdelník. The original Trdelník involves grilled dough, walnuts, and a healthy amount of sugar.

The only downside is that you can only get this tasty snack in a little pastry shop in Prague called Good Food Coffee and Bakery. Let’s hope this innovation makes it across the Atlantic soon.

In the meantime, just look at the pictures below and imagine the deliciousness of biting into this treat!

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