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A Genius Girl Scout Put Jason Momoa On The Box To Sell Cookies

This is how you sell a lot of cookies!

Since Momoa kind of rhymes with Samoas, one Girl Scout came up with an ingenious way to sell more Samoa Girl Scout cookies (also known as Carmel deLite): Put a sexy photo of Jason “Aquaman” Momoa on the cover of the  box.

Calling the cookies, “Momoas,” a Colorado Girl Scout named Charlotte came up with the idea in order to sell more cookies and retain her title as a “Top Cookie CEO.” She and her mom, who works in marketing, glued photos of Momoa onto the boxes after spotting a shirtless photo of the actor on Facebook.

The revised cookie boxes have caught the attention of many moms, especially after the Girl Scouts of Colorado posted images of the boxes on their Instagram account.


“The moms are getting really excited and they’re saying that they need them,” Charlotte said to 9News, a local Denver station.

Who can blame them? From “Game of Thrones” to “Aquaman,” Momoa has established himself as a modern day sex symbol. And just setting up a booth on a street corner is not enough these days if you want to be a top-selling Girl Scout. Other Scouts have set up drive-thruscreated viral videos and sold cookies at the SAG Awards — all in the name of boosting sales.

Not everyone was a fan of the reimagined Girl Scout cookie box with Momoa on it, however. “Unfortunate to see Girl Scouts of Colorado advocating young girls using sex, breaking copyright laws, and using unethical business practices to make a profit,” read one comment on the Girl Scout of Colorado’s Instagram account.

The Girl Scouts’ parent organization was quick to point out that the young Scout who made the boxes didn’t intend to mass produce the Momoa cookies to a large audience.

“She only made approximately 35 of these boxes to deliver to acquaintances, and never had any intention of mass marketing these particular boxes to consumers,” said the Girl Scouts of the USA in a statement. “Once those boxes were sold, she continued with her Girl Scout Cookie season as usual.”