This Sweatshirt Will Let You Carry Your Pet Like A Baby Kangaroo

Pet owners will do anything to get closer and closer to their furry friend.  You’ve seen dogs in strollers or cats in purses, but a new product called the Mewgaroo, from Unihabit, takes it one step further.

The Mewgaroo is a hoodie sweatshirt with a pouch that’s large enough to hold your little dog or cat.  It has an animal-like design including paws on the sleeves and pointy ears on the hood.

It’s basically a built-in swaddler for your pet to keep him or her cozy and warm, just how a kangaroo keeps its baby. Gotta have it? It retails for $59.00



Unihabitat Mewgaroo Hoodie, $59.00


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