A pizza company finally put tiny chairs with the table that comes inside each pizza box


Patio season, aka al fresco dining weather, aka summertime, is very important in Canada. And Canadian pizza chain Boston Pizza understands this better than most, as evidenced by its latest viral ad campaign. This popular pizza chain did something I’ve never seen before and, quite frankly, I’m surprised, because it’s freaking adorable!

Boston Pizza has created tiny chairs to accompany the tiny table thingy that’s often found inside pizza boxes. Take a look for yourself:


“Patio season is a big deal for Canadians,” Boston Pizza’s senior director of marketing, Adrian Fuoco, told Adweek. “This was all about creating something fun that was part of our larger patio season initiative. Ultimately, we found a way to bring together the two things we’re passionate about —  patios and pizza.”

Apparently, that tiny table is included with your delivery pizza to ensure the lid doesn’t smash the cheesy deliciousness of your pie. Did you know that? I didn’t! Practical applications aside, we think Boston Pizza’s latest campaign is brilliant. Doesn’t that eensy-weensy patio set just look…complete?

If you want a pizza patio set complete with perfectly tiny chairs, which were 3D-printed using food-safe materials, you’ll have to order fast! Only a limited number will be delivered, and only from select locations.

The Canadian pizza chain isn’t new to the game of viral ad campaigns. Earlier this year, Boston Pizza rolled out a pizza box designed to double as a serving tray, specifically for eating your ‘za in bed comfortably.

“As Canada’s pizza leader, we’re always looking for new ways to make pizza-eating more fun and convenient for our guests,” Fuoco said in a statement.

Most recently, the pizza brand has made a shift from being a sports-focused restaurant to one that caters to millennial families. The emphasis on food has also increased, specifically on the pizza. With more fun, integrated campaigns like this #pizzapatio one, I’m sure they’ll have no problem attracting the younger generation of pizza lovers!


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