A playground closed due to a mouse sighting and an investigation is underway

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A city in Wisconsin announced Monday that their Imagination Station Playground will be closed due to an investigation after the sighting of a mouse and burrow hole.

City officials say a site review did not indicate more than just the single hole. During the closure, an exterminator will work to remove the mouse and there will be a closer look at possible burrows.

The City said in a Facebook post, “The environment around the Imagination Station is wooded and typically wet. This environment, along with any food left on the ground, can attract mice. Since its construction, this is the first time a burrow has been located in the playground.”

Facebook users were quick to express their thoughts surrounding the closure…and the mouse.

One user wrote, “It’s a mouse, its outside in nature are you kidding!”

Another user said, “It’s a mouse. Let him live in a park as opposed to someone’s house. My god. Give it to me, I have a yard he can live in hassle free.”

Imagination Station Playground is Waukesha County’s first fully inclusive playground. It is located in Roosevelt Park adjacent to the Lake County Trail in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.

As the City works to kick the little guy out, officials urge the public to explore its many other playgrounds.

By Madison Goldbeck, Scripps News Milwaukee.

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