A Restaurant Is Giving Free Meals To People Who Are Alone On Thanksgiving

No one should be alone on Thanksgiving. That’s why the owner of a restaurant in Michigan is doing something to help. George’s Senate Coney Island in Michigan is providing free meals to anyone who doesn’t want to be alone on Thanksgiving.

Reddit user rhymingisfun submitted the picture and has caused this to pick up traction on the web. The owner of the restaurant told WILX10 that he does this every year.  “It makes my heart feel good to do it, and help a little bit.”

The owner, George, moved to the U.S. from Greece in his early twenties.  During his younger years in Greece, he experienced homelessness and depended on food from others. In a spirit of paying it forward he has captured the true spirit of Thanksgiving.

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Thanks George for serving as a role model to all of us!

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