A Veterinary Clinic In Ireland Is Hiring A “cat Cuddler”

The saying goes that if you choose a job you love, you will never have to work another day in your life. Well, if you love cats, I may have found the purrfect job for you.

A veterinary clinic in Ireland called Just Cats, which caters to—you guessed it—just cats has put up a job listing for a “cat cuddler.” The qualifications? Well, you just have to really, really, really like cats. Specifically, the clinic is looking for folks with “cattitude” and people who have “counted kittens” before falling asleep at night. If any of this sounds like you, keep reading!

The ad says you must have gentle hands for petting, a soft voice to soothe the felines and a good ear for different types of purring. Oh, and you also can’t bring dogs with you, in case for some reason that was your first thought upon seeing a job posting for “cat cuddler.”

kittens photo
Getty Images | Christopher Furlong

I may or may not have emailed the address listed on the ad. If I did, it was for research and not because I wanted to snuggle with kittens. (Or rather, not ONLY because I wanted to cuddle with kittens.) Unfortunately, I got an email saying the address was not valid, and I began to wonder if this was all too good to be true.

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Then an email I sent to a second address did come back and, lo and behold, I was told the job opportunity was legitimate. The Huffington Post reported that the gig pays about $22,000 to $28,000 in salary, which the clinic confirmed.

petting cats photo
Flickr | ignaciotiraboschi

“It is certainly not a joke,” Aoife Caulfield with Just Cats wrote in an email. “We are having problems with the other email address, but we are working on it.”

The technical difficulties are no doubt the result of the sheer number of applications flooding Just Cats’ inbox. The Facebook post advertising the job quickly went viral back in May, racking up hundreds of likes, comments and shares.

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But before you pack up your bags and move to Dublin with catnip and a lint roller, Caulfield says applicants need to be licensed by the Veterinary Council of Ireland.

veterinarian cat photo
Flickr | N A I T

But if Just Cats reports that their professional cat cuddlers are a successful addition, maybe clinics in the U.S. will start opening up similar jobs. So polish up that resume and see if you know any cats that would make good references!