Abandoned dog helps truck driver rescue bunny buddy

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Dogs are usually known as “man’s best friend.” However, one scrappy little dog risked his own life to help rescue a bunny in distress. Talk about an adorable team!

According to the Humane Society of Summit County in Ohio, this story unfolded when a truck driver found a little pooch on the side of a Florida highway. After spotting the dog, Dan O’Grady of Akron, Ohio turned his truck around and returned to retrieve the abandoned animal. But when O’Grady went to pick him up, he learned that the pup had a mission.

“The frantic dog, a Jack Russell terrier, led Dan into the woods,” explained the Humane Society on its Facebook page.  “It was clear the dog wanted him to see something. Under a bush Dan saw a white domestic rabbit huddled there. Dan scooped up the rabbit and headed back to the truck and the dog followed. He dubbed them Highway and Interstate.”

Even though O’Grady had no plans for two four-legged passengers, he decided to bring them both back to the truck. He picked up the bunny, Interstate, and Highway the terrier immediately followed the man back to the truck. O’Grady gave the hungry animals some food: sandwich meat for Highway and part of a salad for Interstate. Aww…

But O’Grady knew he couldn’t care for both animals on his long trip. So he found a nearby shelter for the pair. However, the Georgia shelter could only take in the dog. The Ohio man recalled how his local Humane Society took in small, domesticated animals, such as rabbits. A quick phone call later and O’Grady confirmed the agency would take in Interstate. From there, the animal lover picked up a few supplies to keep his furry friend comfortable for the ride home. Then, the pair headed north to Ohio.

Highway, the brave Jack Russell Terrier, quickly got adopted from the Georgia shelter where O’Grady dropped him off. The Humane Society of Summit County, meanwhile, welcomed Interstate with open arms. Workers cared for the malnourished adult rabbit and nursed him back to full health. Fortunately, the adorable bunny also found a forever home.

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