Absolutely Adorable Ways To Reveal Your Baby’s Gender

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One of the many joys of preparing for baby is getting ready to surprise your friends and family with the gender. There are so many cute ways to reveal the news to everyone, and trust me, these ideas make keeping this huge secret absolutely worth it.

Whether you’re wanting to wait until the baby shower to reveal the gender or you want to announce it as soon as possible, there’s an idea or two in here for you.

So, if you’re expecting, you’re about to get even more excited to tell everyone exactly what the sex of the baby will be. Are you having a boy or a girl? Get ready to let them know in the most adorable way possible!

1. Confetti Announcement

DIY confetti poppers for an interactive, fun and festive way to give the big announcement. You can make them yourself with these instructions from Inspired Hive, or order some from Etsy.

Inspired Hive

2. Piñata Surprise

Fill your piñata with blue or pink candies and reveal the gender in a really fun and unique way.

3. Filled Cupcakes

Want an edible kind of announcement? Ideas Baby Room has a cute idea for filling your cupcakes to give a surprise in the middle.

Baby Room Ideas

4. Blue Or Pink Balloons

Radiant Bliss posted this adorable idea. You can fill a box with balloons and release them when you’re ready for the world to know that you’re having a… !!!

Radiant Bliss

5. Invitation Announcement

Why not reveal the gender when you invite everyone to the shower? That way, they know exactly what type of gifts to buy. That’s what Instagrammer Merrick White did in her post with the invite below. Just perfect!

6. Layer Cake

Cutting the cake is a huge event at weddings, and if you do it right, it can be equally as special at your baby shower, too. Because cake is always a big deal, right? But there’s no reason not to make it beautiful, too, and that’s what Sally’s Baking Addiction captured in this pretty layer cake that announces, “It’s a girl!”

Sally's Baking Addiction

7. Glitter Giveaway

You should take as many opportunities as you can to play with glitter. Now’s your chance!


8. Gender Reveal Nesting Dolls

Not only can these nesting dolls be part of the décor at your shower, they can also be the means to giving the big reveal! A Joyful Riot’s tutorial will get you started. Design them how you like from there.

A Joyful Riot

9. Tire Smoke

This one’s a little on the wild side. You can let people know the gender as you drive away from the shower with this gender reveal powder (for sale on Amazon) that creates pink or blue smoke as you peel out. Thanks for the gifts, everyone, it’s a boy!



10. Cotton Candy Clue

Pastels are perfect for gender reveals, and there’s no better way to do pastels than in cotton candy form (like these on Amazon), right? Absolutely!


There’s no wrong way to share this special news, especially with options this cute!

[h/t: HGTV]