According to Instagram’s most popular trainer, this full-body workout is the best when you’re short on time

We get it. Life can get super busy at times, which can make getting a workout in seem impossible. Luckily, research has proved that some shorter workouts can be just as beneficial.

Fitness icon Kayla Itsines—who has an app, a bestselling “Bikini Body Guide” and over 6 million Instagram followers—agrees that shorter workouts can be beneficial.

While there are many different solutions to ensure you’re getting the most of out a shorter workout, Itsines told British beauty site Get The Gloss that if she had to pick just one full body workout, it’d be a burpee combined with a push up. Itsines picked this combination because it works not only your arms and legs, but it also works your back and abs, which will help keep your core strong.

Ready to try it out for yourself? She shows perfect burpee technique on her site:

Kayla Itsines

To make sure you’re keeping the right form, Itsine’s instructions on her app, Sweat With Kayla, suggest keeping your body weight on your hands while you kick your legs back. She also suggests resting your weight on the balls of your feet. It’s important to note that your feet should also be “slightly further than shoulder width apart” when you’re a crouching position.

Once you have the perfect burpee mastered, you can then add in a push-up. In order to ensure good form, Itsines recommends maintaining a straight back and engaging your core as you go low, and then reaching through your chest on the way up.

And if you want to see a burpee in action, the 25-year-old also posted this video:

If you have a little more time to work out, Itsines has plenty of other workouts you can take advantage of, either through watching videos on her YouTube channel or using her app (which comes at a cost of around $20 a month). Or you could just join the other 6 million people who follow her on Instagram.

Those abs will be rock solid in no time.