Here’s The Correct Way To Use The Toilet Paper Roll

Over or under? That’s been the never-ending debate. My husband is an engineer and claims it’s under, because you get more and only need one hand to tear. I say over, because then you use less and don’t have to fumble around looking for the end. So which way is correct?

Behold the toilet-paper roll patent. Filed and published in 1891 by inventor Setti Wheeler, the drawing shows the toilet paper should go “over.”


Introduced in the 6th century AD, the Chinese were the first ones to use sheets of toilet paper. In 1875, Joseph Gayetty sold flat sheets of medicated paper. So before Wheeler’s idea, toilet paper was manufactured as individual squares, not on a roll like we are familiar with today – neat, right?

Interesting fact: Wheeler is also the guy that patented the perforation, so he’s the reason we get those clean little squares when torn off the roll.

Now onto the next debate: extra soft or extra strong?

[h/t: Huffington Post]

Photo by macaron*macaron(Est Bleu2007)