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10 Actors Who Were Way Too Old To Play Teenagers

Gabrielle Carteris from "90210" was 29 when she joined the cast as Andrea Zuckerman.

Have you ever noticed that when you watch a movie or TV show about teenagers, everyone is gorgeous?

Even the unpopular kids in high school movies have perfect complexions and are among the most attractive people you’ve ever seen. The boys and girls are all somehow built like grown men and women, which is a sharp difference from the goofy, gangly kids I went to school with.

Well, there’s a simple reason behind that: They are grown men and women!

Hollywood has been using adults to play teenagers for decades. James Dean was 24 years old when he starred as a troubled teen in 1955’s “Rebel Without a Cause.” And it makes perfect sense for a studio to do that.

First, adult actors are generally better than teenage ones, given that they’ve usually spent more years learning the craft. But the most obvious reason is because of American labor laws.

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“The number of hours that children are allowed to work are highly restricted, which limits the amount of time that producers can actually have adolescents on set,” casting director Todd Thaler told Broadly. “In the end, many casting directors choose to go with an 18-year-old because they can be on set and working for, say, 16, 18 hours.”

It’s the same reason shows like “Full House” cast twins to play a single child. You get double the hours!

But some older actors have seriously stretched credibility by being cast as adolescents over the years. Keep reading for 10 actors who seemed way too old to pass as teens.