Add This Incredible Pool Surrounded By The Swiss Alps To Your Bucket List

This looks so relaxing!

If you’re a fan of infinity pools with amazing views, you’re definitely going to want to check out this pool in Switzerland. Located at the Cambrian Hotel in Adelboden, Switzerland, the pool is surrounded by the Swiss Alps and is located 4,400 feet above sea level. Take a swim, and you’ll get sweeping mountain views and fresh crisp air.

While it might seem like an unattainable dream, rates at this hotel begin at $206 a night, so if you’re looking for your next vacation destination, you may want to consider the Cambrian Hotel, only an hour and a half outside of Geneva. In addition to the outdoor thermal pool, you’ll also have access to some of Switzerland’s best ski slopes as well as hiking trails, making this destination perfect for both winter and summer.

A gorgeous mountain landscape and a relaxing pool day at once? Count me in. Check out the pool starting around 1:40 in this video: