Add This Toe Kick Vacuum To Your Kitchen Wish List

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If you have ever wielded a broom before, you know about that itty-bitty line of grit and dirt that never quite gets swept up. It’s infuriating. On top of that, in high-traffic areas like pantries and kitchens, you can sweep every day and the floor STILL isn’t as clean as you’d like it to be.

Between pet hair, garlic paper (where does that always come from?) and everything on the bottom of your shoes, the floor can turn into a minefield faster than you can say Swiffer. So what’s the solution? A central vacuum system, also known as a toe-kick vacuum.

A central vacuum system works by situating a central power unit in an out-of-the-way area like your basement or garage. Then, wall inlet valves are installed in a number of locations throughout the house. The valves are connected to the power unit through tubing which can go through the attic, basement or cold-air returns in the house.

According to, installing one can cost less than a high-end moveable vacuum and add around $2,000 to your home’s resale value. They can be expensive, though. According to Angie’s List, central vac system could cost $1,000 and up if you opt for a professional installation. If you do the installation yourself, you can save as much as $500.

That being said, the toe-kick vacuum really is a thing of beauty. Discreet and effective, all you have to do is sweep the kitchen as you normally would in the direction of your automatic dustpan (a component of the central vacuuming system). Flip the small switch on with your toe, and voila: no bending, no fruitless attempts to corral stray pet hairs, no problem.

If you already have a central vacuum system installed, you can buy one of these brilliant toe-kick vents for less than $20 on Amazon.

Watch a video of the toe-kick vacuum in action here: