Zombie Flamingo Lawn Ornaments Are The Halloween Decorations You Should Add To Your Yard This Year

It's never too early to start thinking about Halloween!

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We know, it doesn’t quite feel like you should be thinking about anything fall-related yet. Yet the retail industry is already getting us ready for the pumpkin-filled, haunt-friendly season early this year with new releases. We’ve already seen Halloween-themed Oreos, pumpkin pie-flavored Kit Kats and new animal costumes from Pottery Barn Kids.

To add to the festive spookiness associated with Halloween, there’s a lawn ornament you really must get. That’s right, zombie flamingo lawn ornaments are a thing, and we’re sure the best-decorated houses will all be showing them off this Halloween.

Amazon is selling the Pink Inc. 2 Halloween Skeleton Yard Flamingos Lawn Decor Ornaments for $25.42, and each set contains two black plastic flamingos with white skeleton markings in different sizes. One is 20-inches tall and 11-inches wide, and the other is 15-inches tall and 13-inches wide.




Actually, they’re not that bad in terms of accuracy, unlike some Halloween decorations. Here’s the skeleton of a real bird, a ratite called the rhea.


The biologist in me shakes my head whenever I see a Halloween spider skeleton decoration since spiders don’t have bones — just that hard exoskeleton. The Crazy Bones Skeleton Spider at Amazon for $14.99? Yeah, that’s not anatomically accurate.


But it’s all in good scary fun, right? And given that, it turns out there are some pretty cool additional options if you like the look of zombie-style skeleton flamingos. For example, you can get a set of 12 for $83.67 if you prefer to have a whole flock of Pink Inc. 299/6 Skel-A-Mingos giving your garden a spooky mood. Now that’s a conversation starter right there.


Or you can go for a different look. This one is the Forum Zombie Flamingo Accessory, available at $19.07 and up from Amazon sellers. It has a bit more color — check out those red eyes — and even a bit of muscled texture.


Or you could get this set of Union United Solutions 62363 Zombie Flamingos, which includes one standing flamingo and one feeding flamingo, currently starting at $49.99 per set. Given that they are zombies, we don’t really want to know what these creepy-looking dudes are feeding on.

Or heck, how about taking it a step further and dressing up your flamingo lawn ornament? The Pink Inc. Witch SKEL-A-Mingo Flamingo Lawn Ornament is $30.98 on Amazon right now.


Of course, you could also go more traditional and do a lighted pink flamingo for your lawn, which is eminently suitable for the longer nights we’ll be getting once autumn officially hits. The Bright Zeal 14″ Tall Metal Pink Flamingo features a solar-powered LED crackle glass globe that collects sunlight and then turns on automatically at night. It costs $24.99.


If you’re eyeing one of these for your holiday-themed display, you’ll certainly turn some heads from people driving down your street. Who knew there were so many undead flamingo options?