Added Sugars Will Now Appear On Nutrition Labels, Plus More Changes

Nutrition labels tend to be rather confusing, but that may change soon. The White House and the FDA announced this week that the Nutrition Facts label for packaged foods will be modified to reflect more relevant information to help support healthier eating.

The label, which has not been significantly changed since its initial release 20 years ago, will be updated based on consumer feedback and updated nutrition science.


Considering 77 percent of Americans use these labels as a reference, the new changes should have an impact on how people eat and the food they purchase.

As part of the new label, packages will be required to included added sugars and it will highlight servings per container, making it easier for people to tell how much of everything they’re actually consuming, according to the White House press release.

Certain nutrients will also be required to be labeled, including Vitamin D and potassium—nutrients Americans often do not get enough of.  Calcium and iron will continue to be required. The calories from fat label will no longer remain.

Compliance will be required for large food companies within two years. You can learn more information from the FDA website.

Photo by USDAgov

Photo by ilovebutter