This Adorable 3-Year-Old Had A Target-Themed Birthday Party

Emily Kern’s 3-year-old daughter Charlie is like so many of us American women—she’s a huge fan of Target. So when Charlie’s birthday rolled around this year, the toddler was clear on the party theme she wanted. And you guessed it—there were bull’s-eyes everywhere, from the decor right down to the food. A mini shopper after our own hearts!

Charlie goes to Target regularly with both her family and her babysitter, at least once a week. And her Target obsession is well known, Kern shared with CafeMom: “No matter where we are, she sees the Target symbol and yells, ‘Yay Target!! I’m so excited!'” In fact, the retail behemoth was even used as a tool in potty training little Charlie, with Target runs offered as rewards for successful potty use. Now that’s some serious brand loyalty.

Still, Kern, who lives in Pennsylvania, wasn’t sure Target was really the best theme for a little girl’s birthday party. She told CafeMom that she originally tried to talk her daughter into a “Trolls” party, to no avail: “But every so often I would ask what kind of party do you want and without fail, she said, ‘Target.'”

target photo
Flickr | JeepersMedia

So once the theme was set in stone, the challenge was on. Kern decided to go all out in terms of decorating with the bull’s-eye Target logo, placing it everywhere around her home—it even made an appearance on Charlie’s red and white cake. Kern didn’t slouch on the Target-themed food, either, as guests could enjoy popcorn, pizza and hot dogs—all staples of the Target Cafe.

Even cuter? Instead of goodie bags, kids could “shop” for their items at the makeshift “Dollar Spot” Kern set up in the backyard. Genius!

She says, “I got bulk items of toys and candy and bubbles and put them in bins so the kids could ‘shop’ for whatever they wanted. I had gone to my local Target and they were kind enough to give me a bunch of checkout bags as well as stickers for the kids. I think that was their favorite spot of the day!”

Kern shared an adorable photo collage of the day on Target’s Facebook page:

Of course, all of the other Target fans of the world are touched and tickled by Charlie’s Target party, as Kern’s post has been shared over 17,000 times and counting, with over 100,000 likes. The store even responded, praising Charlie’s #Targetstyle.

Aw! Such a cute way to make a little girl happy and show some serious mom creativity in the process.