Adorable Baby And Bulldog Celebrate The Same Birthday

This pup’s bond with his human brother is as cute as it gets. Ivette Ivens, a Chicago resident and professional photographer, adopted this French bulldog puppy when she discovered he had the same birthday has her son, Dilan. Named Farley, it’s clear through Ivette’s adorable photos that these two have a deep connection.

As soon as this cute little pooch joined the family, Dilon and Farley immediately bonded.

Going through the same life stages together, these two eat, nap, and even bathe as a pair.


Posted by Ivette Ivens Photography on Friday, August 22, 2014


Ivette states that having a toddler can be messy, but Farley helps with the chores. He follows Dilon everywhere he goes, cleaning up the floors and licking his neck when he cries so he’ll laugh instead.

Farley is such good companion that he even tries to curb his snoring when they sleep.

We hope that these two buddies can be companions and besties for life. Best wishes as they grow and discover the world together!