These Adorable Bunny Bags Hide Your Unsightly Clutter

Flipping (or scrolling) through pictures of featured homes in magazines has always made me think, “There is no way these people actually live here.” I mean honestly, it’s impossible. I get that you obviously clean the house before the camera crew comes in, but seriously, where do they hide all their stuff?

For those of us who actually live in our homes rather than stage them, there are areas where things seem to just materialize. You know the spots I’m talking about. There are just those places in your home where junk always just seems to pile up. One Japanese company has not only recognized this real-world problem, but they have also come up with an intriguing solution: Dress up your junk.

YOU+MORE! brand from Felissimo designed bags to disguise messy clutter as adorable rabbits. Take a bag, fill it with your messy piles, tie the “ears,” and voilà! In place of chaos there’s cuteness. Put the bag bunnies in a basket and they’ll look even better as well as allow you to keep things standing inside the bag.


Getting your hands on a few bunnies for your home will only cost you about 2,678 yen (for those of us stateside that’s about $26). This is a small price to pay when you consider how little organizing you’ll actually have to do to eliminate those perpetually littered countertops.