Adorable rabbit was given up for being too affectionate—but he found the perfect new home


Owning a pet is no easy task. So when the owner of a rabbit found the animal to be very demanding and needy, adoption was the only option. Thankfully, Peter — the adorably affectionate bunny rabbit — quickly found his forever home.

When Ryann Sadler first met Peter, she knew immediately that he was special. When she learned that Peter loved giving tiny bunny kisses, she knew she had to make him hers.

“I was holding him and he just started licking my hands,” Sadler told The Dodo. “I said, ‘What on Earth!?’ My rabbit Pepper has never done that. We were just blown away with how sweet and friendly he was.”

According to Sadler, the owner had given Peter up for adoption for the very same reason she loved him so much.

“The owner said Peter was ‘too affectionate’ and ‘needed too much attention,’” Sadler told The Dodo. “He was the snuggliest bunny ever — I couldn’t believe anyone would give him up!”

Clearly, it was meant to be. Now, Sadler and her family are the proud owners of Peter, another bunny named Pepper, a Yorkshire Terrier and kitties, too! It’s a full house! You can follow along with the pet-filled home — and especially with Peter’s adventures — on Instagram, where he recently celebrated his one-year adoptiversary:

And you can see all of the adorable kisses this little guy bestows upon his owners:

According to PetHelpful, rabbits often show affection to other rabbits — and sometimes even humans — by “grooming,” which comes in the form of licks and tiny nibbles. So this isn’t entirely uncommon. But each and every bunny has their own way of communicating. According to House Rabbit Resource Network, when a rabbit does lick their human owner, they’re sending the message, “I love you, I trust you.” How cute!

This isn’t the first time a non-bunny rabbit has been the recipient of some major affection from a rabbit. For instance, a Jack Russell Terrier was once an unlikely companion to a rabbit, helping to get the rabbit to safety when the pair were stranded on the side of the road. The truck driver who saved them drove the friends to a shelter, where they both would go on to find forever homes:

Here’s a photo of the bunny, safe and sound and on the way to the Humane Society of Summit County from the shelter’s Facebook page:

And here’s a photo of the rabbit’s rescuer from the shelter’s Facebook:

That dog deserved plenty of smooches!

Anyone else in the mood to go snuggle a rabbit right now?

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