Adult Feejays—sweatpants with feet—are the latest innovation in loungewear

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Forget about the RompHim or the Snuggie. This summer’s newest trend combines footie pajamas and sweatpants into “feejays.” That’s right. If you like the idea of footie pajamas but you’re not into one-piece outfits, yet another unique, comfy option has emerged.

The feejay is pants-only, feet included, and gives you the flexibility of wearing any shirt you’d like.

The designers say, “Our focus is designing and manufacturing quality garments that provide premium comfort and versatility. It was this determination and outside-the-box approach that created feejays, the original sweatpants with feet.”

Feejays include a nice drawstring waistband and, yes, pockets! The feet can also roll up if you’d like to turn them into sweatpant capris.

People are loving their feejays, including one reviewer on Facebook who said the convenience is what makes the difference. “I love footie pajamas but it sucks having to get naked to go to the bathroom,” Lori Smith wrote on Facebook. Others, though, are not sold on the idea that the footies mean you can’t wear shoes with your feejays.

If you’re into the idea, though, they come in several colors, including navy, blackberry, gray, pink, teal and camo. And even better, there are matching sweatshirts with mittens.

Feejays offers products for men, women and children. However, some people aren’t loving that there are no tall sizes. Feejays says talls are on the way, though!

Prices start at $39.98. You can order them on Amazon or right from feejays’ website. Or, if you live near Santa Cruz, California, you can hit up one of the five local stores stocking feejays.

This reminds us of a different, slightly more stylish, pajama option that came out recently. The Suitsy is a onesie that fools people into thinking you’re dressed business casual while you’re really ready for a nap. We love seeing design innovators so focused on our comfort.