Adult ‘ice cream truck’ delivers frozen cocktails

Remember the joy of hearing the ice cream truck coming down your street? As soon as I’d hear that unmistakable melody, I’d be running out to the curb, ready to snag a frozen treat.

For adults that are missing this fun childhood ritual, there’s an “adult ice cream truck” in Houston that serves up delicious summer cocktails, including margaritas, Moscow mules, daiquiris, pina coladas, micheladas and mojitos.

The cocktails on wheels come courtesy of local restaurant Bovine & Barley. Rather than waiting for the truck to come down your street, however, you can order up your drinks on demand. They deliver throughout several Houston neighborhoods, including Midtown, Downtown, Montrose, Washington, The Galleria and The Heights.

It appears their employees are taking precautions by wearing face masks:

The truck delivers daily from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. To get the truck in your neighborhood, text 832-547-0912. On their Facebook page, they post updates about where they’ll be next. On June 7, the restaurant announced a new menu for the summer season as well as their schedule for the upcoming week:

Cocktails are priced at $9 for a single, $15 for a double and $55 for a party pack. In addition to frozen favorites, there’s a “Classics” menu that includes standards like Screwdrivers and Whiskey Sours as well the “Faves” menu, which includes simple mixed drinks like Vodka & Soda and Gin & Tonic. The “Liquid Brunch” menu features Bloody Marys, mimosas and micheladas.

To get drinks delivered, you must also order food, so snag some chips and salsa for $6 or house-made potato chips for just a buck. There’s no minimum, though.

Of course, you must be at least 21 to partake in the alcoholic beverages offered by this adult ice cream truck. Be sure to have your ID ready when your order is delivered.

It is tempting! “Let us bring you a little Happy Hour,” Bovine and Barley say in this Instagram post. Why not?

Here’s the truck itself, parked and ready in this Facebook post. Okay, it’s not truly an ice cream truck, but it gets the job done!

Now that does sound like a great way to end a long week! Here’s hoping that this genius idea catches on, and we see more trucks delivering drinks across the country.

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