You Can Wear Pajamas To Work But Still Look Like You’re Wearing A Suit

If you could get away with it, would you wear pajamas to work everyday? If it was a realistic option, who wouldn’t?

Jesse Herzog has come up with a way for men to do just that. He is calling it The Suitsy, a business-suit onesie. With the Suitsy, everything is connected. The shirt is sewn into the pants which allows for a hidden zipper to come up behind the “buttons.” The shirt also connects to the jacket, which eliminates the need for a shirt sleeve. Then a little extra material attached to the end of the suit jacket gives the impression that a dress shirt is being worn. Already you’re asking, won’t it be hot? Not when there are built-in vents.


After all this, what you are left with is a lightweight one-piece suit. The shirt doesn’t come untucked and the sleeves will never bunch. Simply step in, zip up and you are on your way out the door. As you would expect of the lazy-professional design, the entire thing is machine washable.

The Suitsy isn’t designed to be on the cutting edge of fashion, but rather to go undetected as anything out of the ordinary. Greg Ferenstein was one of the first to test out the publicly wearable adult pajamas. In fact, he didn’t take it off for nearly four straight days. Not only did no one notice, but they were shocked when he revealed what he really had on. Check out his extensive review on Business Insider.

With such a viable option you may be sporting pajamas to work before you know it.