They Now Make Adult Reward Stickers—Because You Deserve Some Acknowledgement Too

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Every morning, adults wake up faced with a list of responsibilities. There are things we all have to do or we’ll lose our jobs and our children and we’ll end up homeless and starving.

Okay, that may be a tad dramatic, but it’s basically the truth, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, all kids have to do is complete their homework, clean their rooms, use the potty, throw some clothes in a hamper or make it through a doctor’s appointment and they get rewarded with a sticker letting them know their efforts have been noted and appreciated.

So what about us? Where is all of our praise and positive reinforcement?

Crafters all over the internet have decided it’s high time adults get a bit of recognition for the things we do everyday. Whether it’s conquering the mountain of laundry, actually getting that workout in, making dinner for your family or sticking to your budget, you deserve some praise. Do you get where this is headed?

We love these stickers from PaperSpaceBoutique. Here are some of our favorites: I Didn’t Hit Snooze Today sticker. I drove without yelling sticker. I didn’t spend all my money sticker. Checkout their Etsy site for more creative ideas.

Paper Space Boutique
Etsy | Paper Space Boutique


You’d be surprised by how motivating these stickers can actually be. It won’t be long before you find yourself holding back from yelling at the person in the car next to you just so that you can get your “I didn’t get road rage” sticker at the end of the day.


Or maybe you’ll see the sink full of dishes and think that’s a quick way to earn a “My sink is empty” award.


Here are a few others we loved: Make it through a day at work without yelling sticker. Refrain from eating an entire bag of chips sticker.


There are all sorts of individualized sets designed for specific people—from moms to dads to teachers—so there’s bound to be one out there to keep you and the other adults in your life motivated.

[h/t: Scary Mommy]

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