Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler becomes a grandpa again


Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler just became a grandpa (again)! His second daughter, Mia Tyler, gave birth to her first child, a healthy, beautiful baby boy named Axton.

Mia and her boyfriend, Dan Halen, shared news of their son’s birth on Instagram.

How sweet.

Mia, age 38, appeared in the film “Rush Hour 3,” and she’s starred on reality shows such as “Hell’s Kitchen” and “Celebrity Fit Club.” She also wrote an autobiography called “Creating Myself.”

Steven Tyler As Grandpa Is Totally Adorable

This adorable picture of the proud grandpa with his daughter while she was still pregnant says it all.


And here is he holding his new grandson, whom they call Ax for short.

Mia Tyler, Instagram

The new mom shared a beautiful sentiment about her father on his birthday.

“Literally my day one. Been there since my first breath and he continues to show me life when I need him the most,” she said.

And beautiful auntie Liv shared this lovely photo of her little sister and her new nephew:

Liv has three of her own children. First, there’s 12-year-old Milo William (with ex-husband and Spacehog frontman Royston Langdon). Then, there’s 2-year-old Sailor Gene and almost 1-year-old Lula Rose (with her partner and Hollywood sports agent, Dave Gardner.)

And here is a funny coincidence. Joe Perry, Aerosmith’s lead guitarist, became a grandpa on the EXACT same day as Steven Tyler.

Tyler Calls Grandchild’s Birth A ‘Godwink’ Moment

Tyler is extremely close with his children. Previously, he shared how meaningful it was for him to be there for his grandchildren’s birth.

For example, Tyler talked about how he made it just in time for Sailor Gene’s birth. At the time, he called it a “Godwink” moment. Squire Rushnell, author of “When God Winks,” defines a godwink as “a message of reassurance from above.”

What a touching sentiment! It’s easy to see that Tyler takes his role as grandpa very seriously. Welcome to the world, Axton!

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