This Airbnb home has its own mini waterpark and board game-themed bedrooms

The Great Escape Lakeside

Who else enjoyed game nights when they were growing up? Played Monopoly with their family for hours on end? Got really into Clue during college? Had a thing for Yahtzee? Do you miss it?

Former online entrepreneur Andrew Greenstein wants you to happily re-live those memories as a guest of his very special Florida estate, which really embraces the game theme. At The Great Escape Lakeside in Clermont, Florida, you’ll be greeted by the Monopoly Man hanging from the roof of this Airbnb at the end of a dirt road in rural Florida. But that’s only the beginning:

You see, Andrew Greenstein loves games, and wants to share his wonderland with you.

“I love sharing it,” Greenstein told the Orlando Sentinel. “We get pretty booked up.”

If you’re a kid at heart, get ready for this entertaining game mecca which offers 13 themed bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and a 40,000-gallon pool, compete with a lazy river, spa, kiddie pool and two water slides.

The Great Escape Lakeside

Ever curious about what it’d be like to live in a game? This is probably as close as you can get in real life. After just a few steps onto the property, you’re met by a life-sized chessboard and a giant floor piano. And then you go inside.

The Great Escape Lakeside

There’s the Jumanji movie theater, which is engulfed in vines and decorated with portraits of the movie’s main characters.

Next up? The Vegas Room. Those 21 and older are invited to play casino games, including slot machines, Russian roulette, a blackjack table and an X-Box 360 with gambling video games. Of course, the room wouldn’t make much sense without a backdrop of the strip.

The Great Escape Lakeside

Greenstein also boasts the second-largest word search on earth.

“We had the largest until a man from India finished his. He was working on it for over 10 years,” explained Greenstein in the article.

The Great Escape Lakeside

Curious about the rest of the estate’s unbelievable rooms? Well, there’s the carnival room, which is full of old-timey favorites such as Zoltar the fortuneteller and a knock-over-the-troll game.

The Great Escape Lakeside

Fans of Monopoly (me!) will get a kick out of the Monopoly room, which was built with a “Go to Jail” closet and a Monopoly money fan.

The Great Escape Lakeside

As you continue through the house, you’ll stumble upon the Scrabble room, perfect for lovers of literature and spelling.

The Great Escape Lakeside

Then there’s the Clue room, which is particularly engaging.

Greenstein created an app for this room, similar to the Escape Rooms found throughout the world, where players need to find clues to crack the code and escape before time’s up. Sounds a bit intense, but hey, it could be thrilling!

The Great Escape Lakeside

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There’s a Donkey Kong-themed stairway and, finally, a game room den stocked with everything from pinball machines to pool tables. Oh, and did we mention the upstairs laser maze and the life-sized Operation board? Because the house has those, too.

The Great Escape Lakeside is commonly booked for weddings, corporate events and reunions and can sleep up to 45 people. With a ton of outdoor activities such as human bowling, human Foosball and water sports such as kayaking and pedal boating, there’s zero chance of getting bored.

Rates start at $1,295 a night, which seems less steep when you realize the home has 13 bedrooms and sleeps 43! Who’s in?

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