Airbnb wants to send you to Italy for 3 months

If you’ve been promising yourself you’ll take more time off to travel, now is the perfect time to set up that out-of-office reply. Airbnb is offering to sponsor your trip to Italy — where you’ll live, eat and learn to speak like a true Italian for three months — and it’s the perfect excuse to take that long overdue trek abroad.

Airbnb has partnered with non-profit organization Wonder Grottole to bring attention to Grottole, a small village in southern Italy. Grottole currently only has 300 people living in its historic center and has more than 600 abandoned houses. With your help, however, you can make this place a must-see destination.

This video from Airbnb will likely convince you to take a break and have an extended stay in Italy:

If selected for the trip, you’ll need to be available between June and August of 2019. The trip offers an incredible opportunity to learn the language and absorb the Italian culture — including learning about Italian farming and cooking — all while volunteering with Wonder Grottole to help sustain the Grottole area.

Four individuals will be chosen as part of the promotion. The initiative covers each volunteer’s travel to and from Grottole. It also provides up to 900 euros per month for additional expenses. Airbnb hopes this sabbatical will aid in restoration efforts of Grottole’s historic center.

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of this opportunity? Not only do you get an in-depth glimpse of the Italian lifestyle, but the city of Grottole looks absolutely stunning. Plus, the lucky volunteers get to stay in a rural home in Grottole’s center with views of chestnut groves and honey fields.

For more information, simply head over to the website. You’ll find details about what Airbnb is calling “The Italian Sabbatical.” You can also apply for the gig by filling out a form with some information about why you’d love to learn more about Grottole and the Italian lifestyle.

airbnb photo
Getty Images | Carl Court

You’ve got until Feb. 17 at 11:59 p.m. Central European Time to apply. The finalists will be selected by March 29 and notified via email. Four lucky individuals will then win the chance to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The sabbatical in Grottole will run from June 1 through Aug. 30.

So, who’s ready to escape the norm and open themselves up to some new possibilities? Your vacation in Grottole awaits! And seriously — send us a postcard.