An Airline Just Gave People A Reason To Smile Every Time A Baby Cries On A Plane

Flying can be a very stressful experience when it’s just you. Did I forget anything when I packed?  Am I going to make it through security on time?  Am I going to miss my connection?  The list goes on and on.

But for parents with young kids, the stress is far worse. You never want to be that parent who has the crying baby on the plane.

Even the best parents can’t prevent a little one from being a bit fussy and noisy on a long flight.  Other passengers can easily get annoyed and will quickly reach for their headphones to hopefully block out as much of the high pitched noise as possible.

It’s just no fun for anyone.

That being said, never would I have thought to see people cheer when a baby cries, but that’s exactly what JetBlue accomplished.

In a video just released by airline, the JetBlue team decided to turn the tables on how people think about babies on a plane.  Every time a baby cries, all the passengers get 25% off their next flight.  So if a baby cries four times, then everyone gets a free flight!

Watch below: