Airline Ticket Prices Will Hit A 3-Year Low In January, So It’s Time To Book Your Trip Now

If you’re planning to go on spring break or a fun summer vacation, now is the time to book your flight.  According to Hopper, an airfare predictor app, airline ticket prices will hit a three year low this month.

Hopper is predicting the Consumer Airfare Index will fall to $210 by the end of the month.  And that’s 14% lower than the average in 2015.


So what’s causing this big drop?  Oil prices.  Just how we have cheaper gas right now, airlines also have cheaper jet fuel prices. And jet fuel is now at a 10-year low at just above $1 per gallon.

According to Hopper, your location will also impact your ticket prices.   Midwest states will likely see lower rates than the Western and Southern states. They also recommended to act quickly as rates will likely increase again in the spring.

Hopper calculated the cheapest destinations based upon the drop from their average price. Hopefully there are some fun places on this list you’d like to go.


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Honolulu, HI

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Miami, FL

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New Orleans, LA

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Las Vegas, NV

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