This Airline Worker Went Viral For Dancing On The Tarmac To Make a Crying Child Smile

Instagram / Ekaterina Irko

Air travel can be tough, so a simple smile or a kind gesture can go a long way toward making flying a better experience. But one airline employee at Toronto Pearson International Airport takes that a step farther and occasionally busts out some dance moves on the tarmac.

Jahmaul Allen, who works for American Airlines, saw a child crying through the plane’s window before it pushed back from the gate. The kiddo smiled at him and the mother applauded, so he kept going … as passenger Ekaterina Irko caught his moves on video:

Her video of Allen’s joyful dancing went viral, which prompted some media organizations to do interviews with him. It turns out this wasn’t the first time he’d done some dancing on the tarmac. He told ABC News that he dances and moves around to stay warm, but he also does it to “go above and beyond … to make the passengers happy.”

He also clarified in this interview with Global News that there’s no way the pilot could be confused by what he’s doing — the plane’s path is clear:

Allen is 28, and he has worked for American Airlines for just two years. He’s a customer service agent, but he hopes to become a pilot someday. He told ABC News that the video going viral has been a great experience for him, and that he thought it was a wonderful way to end 2018.

“I usually don’t really have an impact on anyone,” he said. “No one really notices me. So for this to happen, for this to surface — it’s actually a blessing.”

Plenty of people are noticing now. The video has more than 1.74 million views.

Allen told Global News, “Honestly, I just love what I do, I love aviation, I love my job, and I love making passengers happy.”

He certainly succeeded at that. We hope he keeps dancing on the tarmac!

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