New airport delivery apps will bring food and drinks directly to your gate


You’re running late to a connecting flight, but haven’t eaten anything in what feels like forever. You don’t have time to stop to grab anything, so what do you do? Well, a number of app developers plan to make sure you get what you need. Say hello to airport delivery!

A new app, Airport Sherpa, makes its debut this week at Baltimore/Washington International Airport (BWI.) The app puts airport restaurants and kiosks just a touch away for busy travelers. Craving a Cinnabon? No problem! An Auntie Anne’s Pretzel more to your taste? The app has it ready to order! It doesn’t matter if you need to catch your plane at a different terminal. Airport Sherpa can get it to you.

Delivery fees range from $3.99 to $7.99, based on how far the Sherpa has to go to drop off the items.

airport delivery
Airport Sherpa

Passengers can also arrange to pick up an order at the restaurant on the way to their gate.

The app works with a passenger’s itinerary to ensure either pick-up or delivery happens on time—even if there’s a gate change. It also provides walking directions from gate to gate to help you get to your flight without getting lost along the way. Travelers can order up to a week in advance.

Plus, Airport Sherpa won’t just bring you food. Want a new magazine or newspaper? Need a souvenir? Just place an order on your smartphone. You can pick it up or have it brought directly to your departure gate.

This service won’t just be limited to Baltimore. Later this summer, passengers at San Diego International Airport will have access to At Your Gate, a similar app.

Can Airport Delivery Solve Traveler’s Time Crunch?

The people behind these apps saw a need based on the behavior of today’s travelers. The apps’ researchers have studied results showing how people “gate hug.” What is this? Passengers face long lines at check-in and security at the airport. So, once they make it through, they tend to go directly to their gate and stay there. As a result, they pass by the retailers who provide products and services.

Therefore, these new apps will not only help pressed-for-time passengers; they’ll also help boost sales for airport vendors.

Sounds like a win-win!

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