Airport Worker Entertains Passengers By Dancing On The Tarmac

Days spent on planes aren’t always fun, and after going through security and waiting in lines, by the time you reach your seat—you’re just ready for takeoff already. But looking out the window to see an airport employee dancing on the tarmac would surely help to boost any weary traveler’s mood.

Thankfully for people flying in and out of Rochester International Airport, employee Kyran Ashford is on hand to entertain them. One passenger caught Ashford’s dance moves on camera, and since posting the video online, it’s gone viral, garnering nearly 8 million views.

It’s nice to see someone having a little bit of fun on the job. Because all work and no play is no good, and if you’re sitting at your office desk right now—let Ashford be your inspiration to lighten up a little.

The passenger captioned the video, “So this just happened out my window as I was leaving New York headed back home to Nashville. This guy rocks!”

Many people online seem to agree.

“I love it,” one person wrote.

Others have dubbed Ashford’s dance the “tarmac boogie.”

People are all about having some fun on the job. “That’s making work fun!! Love this guy enjoying his work,” one Twitter user wrote.

Some described his dance moves as “Freaking awesome!!!”

He’s definitely stolen the hearts of many people online and surely any airport passenger who’s seen him live!

Ashford’s goal is simple. He told ABC News that he hopes to spread “30 seconds of positive vibes” through his moves. And now that millions have viewed the video online, we’d say he’s certainly outdone himself.

According to ABC News, Ashford is known to rap boarding instructions to passengers at the gate. Here’s to hoping someone catches that on video next!

Of course, seeing a dance routine on the tarmac is great, but that’s not the only way to make air travel easier to endure. From products that will make it possible to get some shut eye during your flight to planes ether offer in-flight texting, airports and planes don’t always have to be the worst part of travel. And here are even more tips to make travel go more smoothly.