Alaska couple finds a massive mammoth bone after storms hit the coastline


Joseph and Andrea Nassuk made a massive prehistoric discovery in Alaska.

It happened when they were out looking for bones and other artifacts after a storm hit a couple of weeks ago near their home in Elim, Alaska.

“We were walking maybe about 35 yards apart, she yelled to me that ‘I found a bone,” and I walked up to her, and it was over half her height. I got all excited,” Joseph said.

The bone is the femur of a prehistoric mammoth.

While a rare find for many, Joseph said this isn’t the first time they discovered a mammoth fossil.

“With a different group, we walked across the bay after Merbok, and found this 105-pound, 7-foot blue tusk,” Joseph said.

The tusk could be worth up to $70,000, Joseph said.

According to National Geographic, the wooly mammoths roamed the earth up until about 10,000 years ago.

By Scripps National, CNN Newswire. 
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