This sweet cocktail has one of the most unique names you’ll ever hear

Shots and cocktails have all sorts of fun and outrageous names. There’s the Hanky Panky. The Painkiller. The Corpse Reviver. Even the Mind Eraser. And all of them hint — with a dash of humor — at the drink’s intent. But we’ve just learned about a drink with a name that’s so strange and off-putting, we’re not sure where it came from.

The shot — known as the Alaskan Duck Fart — may have a gross name, but don’t let that fool you. This libation, which can also be made as a cocktail, is absolutely delicious. And it’s made using just three ingredients: 1 ounce of Kahlúa, 1 ounce of Baileys Irish Cream and half an ounce of Crown Royal Whisky, layered in a shot glass, in that order.

The layers of alcohol are supposed to stay separate, offering a pretty drink for you and your gang to shoot. The best way to keep the layers separate? Some say you should pour each liquor into the middle of your shot glass, with layers two and three done with the help of the back of a spoon. But check out the technique of this bartender at the Red Dog Saloon in a video from the couple behind Two for the Road:

For a close-up of what the saloon considers their signature drink, check out this pic from their Facebook page:

So who first came up with the Alaskan Duck Fart? The story goes that the Peanut Farm in Anchorage, Alaska, first invented this tasty shot, though that’s up for debate.

Other variations of this shot include the B-52. This one’s done by swapping Crown Royal with Grand Marnier. A B-51, on the other hand, is made with Frangelico hazelnut liqueur instead of Grand Marnier. Want to mix it up even more? Try the Taiwan Duck Fart, which is made with Seagram’s 7, Kahlúa and Baileys, shaken and poured into a shot glass.

Not a shot taker? Make a duck fart coffee, which combines Baileys, a whiskey of your choice, Kahlúa, creme de cacao and freshly brewed coffee for a caffeinated cocktail to get your night started right.

And blogger My Incredible Recipes makes a non-layered version of the duck fart by blending everything that goes into the shot version and then adding milk and vanilla ice cream. The result? A dessert-like cocktail you’ll find tough to resist.

My Incredible Recipes

Who’s down to make some shots?


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