This Marvelous Device Turns Fruit Into Booze In One Easy Step

If you’re a fan of hard cider and thrive off of trying new brands or every flavor that currently exists, then you might want to consider brewing your own cider at home. And thankfully, it’s not as big of an undertaking as one might think, thanks to a new at-home cider-brewing system.
A genius kitchen appliance called Alchema makes brewing your own cider something quite simple to accomplish.
Connecting with your smartphone, Alchema allows you to select a recipe from the Alchema app.
From there, the app will walk you through the process, from how much fruit and juice to use, to the right amount of spices and yeast needed to make your batch one that is sure to be delicious. Recipe options include strawberry pomegranate, pineapple bay leaf and peach ginger.
Even better, the app even keeps track of how much of each ingredient you add to your newest home cider creation, making the process nearly foolproof.
Once you’ve added all your ingredients, all you have to do is press that start button and within one to two weeks, depending on the time of fermentation required and what percent alcohol you prefer, you’ll have a fresh batch of tasty home-brewed cider to enjoy.
Since this all sounds too good to be true, there are a few minor catches. The Alchema will not only take up a good portion of counter space (it’s about the size of a coffeemaker), but the product itself is a little pricey, listed currently at $429 and that doesn’t include shipping or taxes. (And as far as space goes, if you’ve ever brewed your own beer, you’ll see that this space and time commitment is much more minimal by comparison.)
But on the bright side, if you were to invest in making your own home cider, one batch makes about 2.4 liters, which is roughly equal to three bottles of wine. And according to Mashable, the alcohol content can range anywhere from 3.2 percent to 10.8 percent, depending on the recipe and how long you let your cider ferment. So you can control how light or boozy you want your cider to be.
Let us not forget to mention, if you’re worried about your recipe going awry, the app allows you to check on the batch throughout the entire process. That way, you’ll never be left with an undrinkable batch of cider. Cheers to that!

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