5 Boozy Advent Calendars To Get You Through This Holiday Season

Advent calendars are a tradition that makes the holidays so magical for kids. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, Advent calendars are special, three-dimensional calendars, usually made of wood or cardboard, used to count the days of Advent, the season leading up to Christmas. Each day is represented by a small door to be opened to find a small surprise inside. When I was growing up, I used to eagerly await each morning in December so I could open another little door on the cardboard calendar to discover another treat or trinket.

Traditionally, Advent calendars are for children, but several manufacturers are putting an adult spin on the holiday past time and churning out Advent calendars chock-full of alcoholic beverages. You don’t even have to celebrate Christmas to partake! (We won’t tell anyone…)

Check out these boozy Advent calendars that are sure to make your December merry and bright.

1. Aldi Wine Advent Calendar

You can always count on the supermarket chain Aldi (part of Trader Joe’s) for everything from bread and milk to affordable alcoholic beverages. This summer the company made headlines for their $8 rose that was named one of the best wines in the world. Aldi could scarcely keep the product on its shelves, and we predict that they’ll have another bestseller with this wine-filled Advent calendar. Each day comes with a 200-millimeter bottle of red, white, rose or sparkling wine from France, Italy or Spain.

Unfortunately, Aldi’s wine Advent calendar will only be available for our friends across the pond in the U.K. this year. Quick, it’s not too late to make friends with a Brit who can ship you one here in the United States!

2. Master of Malt Spirits Advent Calendars

If you’re more into drinking spirits, you’re in luck because Master of Malt makes Advent calendars filled with your choice of whiskey, scotch, bourbon, gin or vodka.


The vodka Advent calendar, for example, features vodkas from award-winning Polish, Russian and French-made spirits. Knock it back straight or mix up a festive cocktail.

Spiked eggnog or hot chocolate, anyone?

3. Etsy.com DIY Advent Calendar

If you’re the crafty type, why not put together your own Advent calendar using this DIY calendar box available on Etsy? The calendar arrives empty, so the world is your oyster when it comes to choosing gifts to put inside.


If you’re not partial to any one type of libation, the blank slate makes it a cinch to mix and match. Hit the liquor store, snatch up some airline-size liquor bottles and go to town!

4. Heritage Distilling Spirits Advent Calendar

Variety is the spice of life, and with this spirit-filled Advent calendar you’ll get a little bit of everything, including brown sugar-flavored bourbon, coffee-flavored vodka and lavender-flavored vodka.


Sounds like the perfect addition to a hot mug of coffee on a freezing weekend morning! Remember, even during the holidays it’s always 5:00 somewhere.

5. Craft Advent Box Beer Advent Calendar

Here’s another DIY Advent calendar. While this one doesn’t come stocked with beer due to laws surrounding alcohol sales, it is perfectly designed to fit 24 full-size bottles or cans of your favorite brews.

The Craft Advent Box comes in three styles: a vintage crate, a snowman-themed box and a “decorate your own” box that’s just waiting to be covered in glitter and holiday-themed doodads.


The company is currently taking pre-orders, and the calendars will be shipped in November.

What other Advent calendars does your family enjoy for the holiday season?