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Aldi Is Making 3 Booze-Flavored Salsas This Summer

Yum! Pass the tortilla chips!

Don’t despair. Just because stores now have their back-to-school gear on the shelves, summer isn’t over yet. And what better way to toast the warm summer sun than with Aldi’s new booze-infused salsas?

New for the month of August, Aldi is rolling out three limited-edition salsas: Blood Orange & Whiskey, Pineapple & Rum and Apple & Bourbon. As the name suggests, these salsas are made with whiskey, rum and bourbon, respectively. We were lucky enough to get to try these salsas before they hit shelves, and let’s just say we’ve found our newest snack addiction!

Aldi Store In Maryland
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Pineapple & Rum is lightly sweetened with notes of summery pineapple, with cumin and jalapenos giving this salsa a nice kick. And of course, it has undertones of warm, spicy rum, which gives it an island vibe that’s perfectly suited for all your outdoor fiestas and pool parties.

Bridget Sharkey

Blood Orange & Whiskey is packed with dynamic flavor created with a unique combination of tomatoes, orange peel, blood orange juice, orange juice, lime juice and, of course, whiskey. The result is a bold, personality-packed salsa with a vivid citrus base.

This salsa would hold up nicely in a variety of recipes, whether you want to use it in your Chile Rubbed Grilled Chicken Salsa Tacos, add it to your Creamy Salsa Soup or simply use it on top of your favorite fish tacos.

Bridget Sharkey

Finally, Apple & Bourbon is the perfect salsa not only for summer, but also to enjoy as we move into fall. Made with bourbon, apples, molasses, cinnamon, clove and nutmeg, this is a salsa that’s as warm as a campfire. Spoon a tablespoon over fluffy scrambled eggs, for example!

Bridget Sharkey

Made with nothing but real, whole ingredients, these salsas have the Aldi “Twice as Nice” guarantee, meaning that if you don’t love your purchase, you can return it for a simple refund. So you really can’t go wrong in trying these exciting, limited-edition flavors, which really require nothing more than a simple bowl of tortilla chips.


Of course, there are plenty of other ways to use up this boozy salsa. Why not top your hot dog with the Pineapple & Rum? The salsa’s citrus-y spiciness might upgrade your dog’s flavor immensely.


Or use it on grilled vegetables when you’re backyard barbecuing this summer. We think the Blood Orange & Whiskey salsa would go well with some sweet potatoes or eggplant!


Make your pork chops more interesting with an Apple & Bourbon salsa infusion. We’re thinking this might be a winner at dinnertime! Or add it to your grilled cheese, put it on your turkey burger, make salsa mac and cheese — the possibilities are endless.

You could even try to make your own. This Spiked Salsa recipe from Instructables uses 100% agave tequila for its alcoholic bite.


Are you ready to try these fun and fabulous flavors now?

Check your local Aldi for these seasonal salsas and buy a bunch for your kitchen pantry before they’re all gone!