Aldi is bringing back its delicious Thanksgiving ravioli


Now that Halloween is over, Thanksgiving will be here before you know it. But if you can’t wait to tuck into a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings, then look no further than Aldi for their seasonal pasta offerings — which neatly pack a bunch of Thanksgiving flavors into yummy pillows of pasta.

Starting on Nov. 6, you’ll be able to pick up Aldi’s Thanksgiving-themed raviolis for just $2.99. There are two flavors to choose from: Priano’s turkey cranberry ravioli and bourbon sweet potato ravioli. We’re thinking either would be delicious served with butter and parmesan or a cream-based sauce. And you’ll spend mere minutes in the kitchen making these, which makes them perfect for those pre-Thanksgiving cravings.


Aldi also has new holiday-themed pasta sauces, including a rosé-infused marinara and a Chianti pasta Sauce. Like the pasta, these affordable sauces are priced at $2.99, and whether you pair it with Thanksgiving-themed ravioli or make a simple pasta like angel hair, it is a simple way to elevate a traditional red sauce.


Aldi isn’t leaving you without veggie options with their Thanksgiving-inspired fare. In the frozen section, you’ll find Brussels sprouts with balsamic-glazed bacon, a quick way to bring some greens to your dinner plate.


And don’t forget to pair your dinner with a glass of vino, such as the new Ripa di Sotto zinfandel. Starting on Nov. 6, you can find this dry, semi-sweet zinfandel at Aldi for $12.99.


For dessert options, Aldi will be selling a Belmont 12-slice sampler cheesecake ($9.99), or you can make your own yummy dessert with the Baker’s Corner maple pecan shortbread mix ($2.99).

Aldi isn’t the only grocer that’s gone all-in on Thanksgiving flavors, though. In fact, this Trader Joe’s greens and butternut squash salad kit with cranberries and candied almonds would be an amazing addition to one of Aldi’s ravioli dinners.

If you have a Costco membership, it’s going to be tough to pass up going with their notoriously good pumpkin pie for dessert. However, Costco is also selling pumpkin pie in a jar: just mix the Clara’s Kitchen pie-in-a-jar filling with eggs, pour it into a pre-made crust, bake it and boom, you have a fresh pumpkin pie.


With all of these convenient options, making a delicious holiday-inspired meal has never been so easy.

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