Alicia Keys Sang ‘The Alphabet Song’ As Adele On Jimmy Fallon—And It Was The Greatest Mashup Ever

As you might imagine, an Adele/Alicia Keys mashup equals absolute amazingness. Even when Keys has to play the part of both ladies.

Keys recently appeared on the “Tonight Show” with host Jimmy Fallon and played a game of “Wheel of Musical Impressions.” If you’re unfamiliar with this game, you’re missing out.

You see, with just the press of a button, a singer’s name and a random song are paired together. It’s the job of either Fallon or his guest to sing the chosen song in the way the randomly selected singer would have.

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For instance, on her first turn, Keys sang “Miss Mary Mack” as Gwen Stefani, using the tune to Stefani’s famous “Hollaback Girl” as the beat. But it didn’t stop there.

With her second push of the button, the singer Adele was generated. The song of choice? “The Alphabet Song.” So, yes, Keys had to sing her ABCs as powerhouse vocalist Adele.

After taking a deep breath, she began. She belted the ABCs to the melody of “Hello,” and it was the most beautiful rendition of the alphabet I’ve ever heard. You’ve got to listen to it for yourself!

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Fallon was excited by the song choice, saying, “This is the biggest song in my household right now. I have a 3-year-old and a 2-year-old.” Now, if he could just hire Keys to sing the ABCs with his kids, he’d be set for life.

Of course, Fallon did a great job with the game, too. On his turns, he had to sing the State Farm jingle as The Pointer Sisters and even recreate the Meow Mix jingle as Elvis Presley. Impressive!

But there’s just no question about it. Keys owned that game, so better luck next time, Fallon!

Now, if we could just get Keys and Adele to team up for real next time. Here’s hoping there’s a life-changing duet in our future.