A company offering ‘Alien abduction insurance’ has sold nearly 6,000 policies


While it’s still quite difficult to say whether or not aliens are real, UFO Abduction Insurance certainly is.

An insurance company in Florida offers a pretty specific policy to help people protect themselves in the event they encounter extraterrestrials. The St. Lawrence Agency is dubbed the “UFO Abduction Insurance Agency,” and its policy is raising eyebrows. But, for St. Lawrence, there’s nothing questionable about the insurance policy, that costs either $19.95 or $24.95 and includes $10 million in coverage.

That’s right — $10 million!


Mike St. Lawrence, the man behind the policy, told Tampa TV station WFLA he knows there is humor in it, but that he’s sold more than 6,000 abduction insurance plans since the company started in 1987. Benefits include psychiatric care and double identity coverage, to name a few.

Customers who opt to spend $24.95 even get a paper certificate as evidence of the insurance policy purchase, which St. Lawrence told WFLA is “suitable for framing.”

When you read the fine print on the policy, you’ll quickly realize it’s all for a laugh, as there’s a line that states the payout will be $1 per year for 10 million years.


St. Lawrence Agency isn’t alone in offering alien abduction coverage. A British Company called Grip reported in 2000 that it had sold tens of thousands of its own policies.

Lloyds of London also offers coverage for UFO or alien abduction and has reportedly sold 20,000 policies. Budget Insurance in England also plans to have alien incident policies available and has a waiting list of homeowners wanting it.

Are insurers preying on fear? Maybe, but St. Lawrence said his company’s policy is simply in good fun and that he’s in the “humor business.

For some, it isn’t a joke to have the coverage. There have been plenty of reported UFO sightings over the years, which keep people curious about the possibility of aliens visiting Earth and abducting humans.


After years of speculation, the Pentagon recently admitted that it did investigate UFO sightings until 2012, when it shut down that particular program.

Insurance companies likely see it as pure profit after weighing the actual risk of an abduction. But there are folks buying the protection plans — people who are either believers in alien beings or just think the whole thing is funny.

Is alien abduction insurance something you need? With all this Area 51 news recently, there seem to be a lot of people who are staying on their toes!

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