‘Mad Men’ Actress Alison Brie And Dave Franco Married In Super-Secret Wedding: Here’s What We Know

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Happy couple alert! Actors Alison Brie and Dave Franco just got married. The hip duo did the unthinkable: They got married in secret with no Hollywood fanfare or paparazzi helicopters overhead.

In fact, the occasion was so private and intimate that all of the details of the affair are completely shrouded in mystery. All we know is: Brie (from “Mad Men” and “Community”) and Franco (whom you may know from “Superbad” and “Now You See Me,” and as the brother of James Franco) met at Mardi Gras in 2011, and have been the cutest lovebirds ever since.

Brie on "Mad Men."


And, now, it’s finally official! I just wonder if big brother James read one of his poems at the event?

Since we know literally nothing else about the secretive couple’s wedding, here are some interesting tidbits we DO know about these happy lovers:

They Both Star In James Franco’s New Movie

James just released a new movie called “The Disaster Artist,” in which he directs and stars. Little bro Dave and new sister-in-law Alison also play key roles. The movie is a comedy based on a true story, the making of “The Room,” a film which has been called the worst movie of all time. “The Disaster Artist” is already getting Oscar buzz, so definitely check it out if you are in the mood to laugh.

james franco photo
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Her Engagement Ring Is A Rose-Cut Diamond

Diamond trends come and go, and once-popular cuts like square cushion cuts have taken a backseat. Rose-cut diamonds are very in style right now, which is why Franco popped the question with such a beauty. Many say Justin Theroux started the trend when he proposed to Jennifer Aniston with a rose-cut engagement ring.


Brie Is “Not Very Bridal” And Likely Didn’t Wear A Wedding Gown

Forget wedding dresses that cost a cool half-a-million dollars. (Looking at you, KK.) Instead, Brie told Yahoo! Style that she isn’t very bridal, and that she was considering wearing a dress she got off Net-A-Porter (an online source for designer fashion.) We don’t yet know what she wore, but I think this Hervé Léger gown seems up her urban, sophisticated alley:


Congrats to the happy couple!

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