Dance Classes With Alpacas Are Now A Thing

Everyone went crazy when goat yoga first came around, but now there’s a new animal workout in town: alpaca dance classes. Animal lovers can now break out their best moves with farm animals by their side thanks to a new fitness class put at 313 Farms in Anola, Manitoba. Hey, if it gets people actually interested in working out, why not?

Alpaca dance classes, run by AlpacaZone Dance & Fitness, debuted earlier this summer. Classes include hip-hop, barre, pilates, a boot camp, and even “Mommy & Me.” Each class has an alpaca-inspired name because let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to attend a “Barn Barre” or “Poppin’ Pacas Hip Hop” class?

313 Farms

The workouts are geared towards adults — as they actually focus on fitness — but attendees are encouraged to bring in their little ones, who can play with the animals while their parents break a sweat. In each of these classes, alpacas are free to roam around you while you learn your choreography.

If you don’t get enough interaction with the alpacas while you’re doing your squats, don’t stress. After the 45-minute-long class, guests are welcome to spend an additional 15 minutes at an “Alpaca Meet ‘n Greet” to feed the animals and take selfies (of course).

According to AlpacaZone’s web site, some of the alpacas even like to dance around to the music — we’re looking at you Gagnam-style-loving Woodward!

AlpacaZone Dance

If you’re lucky enough to live in the area, you still have until October 15th to catch a class. They cost $10 in advance or $15 day of. Sadly, alpaca dance classes are only currently available in Canada, but if these classes get as popular as goat yoga, they’ll likely catch on elsewhere.

For those of us who don’t live in Manitoba, we’ll just have to wait patiently to boogie with farm animals. Something tells us we won’t have to wait too long.