‘It’ Has An Alternate Opening That Will Have You Screaming—With Laughter

If you screamed when you saw “It” when it was in theaters back in the fall of 2017, or if you were just too terrified to consider watching it, you may want to pick up a Blu-Ray or DVD of the flick. That’s because included in its release is an alternate version of the opening scene. And instead of scaring you senseless, this version is more likely to make you LOL.

Pennywise is creepy, all right but, this time, when Georgie grabs for his paper boat, he handily grabs it, thanks the nightmarish clown and cheerily calls, “See ya later!” as he walks away. Which leaves a disgruntled Pennywise muttering, “Shit.”

Check it out below:

In case you missed the original film shown in theaters, that’s not exactly how that interaction goes down. If you did see it, I’m guessing the terrifying scene is forever burned into your memory.

Warning—spoilers ahead. In the original version, Pennywise lures Georgie closer to the sewer grate by holding his boat just out of reach, only to bite the child’s arm off when he extends his hand, eventually dragging him into the sewer. Yikes! In case you haven’t seen it, here’s the whole scene, up to the point where Pennywise attacks:

Super creepy, right? Now you can see why this alternate take is so funny, and way less likely to cause you to faint or jump out of your seat.

In addition to this friendlier opening scene, the DVD/Blu-Ray also includes other deleted and extended scenes, as well as special features, including Stephen King talking about how he came up with the character of Pennywise, a piece that explores how Bill Skarsgaard prepared to play the iconic deranged clown, and a behind-the-scenes look at how the film’s teenaged stars bonded during the production.

If you can’t get enough of this horror classic, “IT: Part 2” is due out September 6, 2019.

Until then, sweet dreams!

[h/t: The Independent]