These Amazing Bathtubs Worth Are Travelling For


There’s nothing like a nice hot relaxing bubble bath, right? I feel relaxed just thinking about it. But now, just imagine bathing in an exotic location, sinking into a bathtub with an incredible view straight in front of you. That sounds even better doesn’t it? These 7 bathtubs are all in different parts of the globe, but are worth traveling for. 10 hour plane ride and all. One soak in these tubs and you’ll realize that all of the money and time spent on a cramped plane was completely worth it.

Behold some of the most amazing tubs you’ve ever seen and get those passports ready!

  1. Mio Buenos Aires Hotel

Mio Buenos

Hand crafted from Calden trees, this tub is a work of art. A trip to Buenos Aires, South America will have you soaking in nature (literally) in a whole new way.

  1. Six Senses Resort

Six Senses

You’ll be totally surrounded by gorgeous views in this tub that’s entirely made of glass. Have a view of the Indian Ocean, even below you, as you sit in a tub suspended above the turquoise water. Have you booked at ticket to the Maldives yet, because after seeing this tub, I’m all in!

  1. Hotel Aire De Bardenas

Aire de Bardenas

If you’re more into a secluded, rustic kind of feel check in to the Hotel Aire De Bardenas in Navarra, Spain to bathe in this rooftop tub with all of the beautiful isolation you could ever need.

  1. Park Hyatt Hotel

Park Hyatt

If seclusion isn’t really what you’re into, try feeling like you in the middle of the city action, even from your tub. So, all you city-slickers, set your sights to Seoul, Korea and bathe in the glow of the city lights.

  1. Luangwa Safari House

Luangwa Safari house

Have a view of Zambia right from your copper tub by booking a stay in the Luangwa Safari House. This seems like a great way to unwind after a safari adventure, if you ask me.

  1. Song Saa Resort

Song Saa

Take in breathtaking views while bathing outside of your villa on a private island. Song Saa Resort in Cambodia seems like the perfect way to escape!

  1. Four Seasons Resort

Four Seasons

A stay at the Four Seasons in Seychelles, Africa will grant you access to access to a grat view and all of the serenity you could ever need. Step down into your tub and have a view of the bright blue water while you sit back and relax. Your tub oasis awaits!

Whether you actually get to make the trip to any of these amazing tubs, it was fun even just looking at them, right? Next time you take a bath, close your eyes and transport yourself to one of these luxurious bathroom getaways. And if you get the chance to go to any of these resorts and hotels—don’t hesitate. Just go. Because traveling to one of these destinations will result in the best bath you’ll ever take!

Images: Courtesy Hotels